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Color management / Workflow integration / Digital publishing

The little company that brings you back from chaos

Since 1996, Rods and Cones has provided top-quality, workflow systems and technical services for advertising and graphic agencies, photo studios, prepress services agencies, print providers, and in-house creative groups. Over the years, we have provided services and products to more than 800 clients all over the country, from the smallest one-person studio to great workflow innovators like E&J Gallo Winery and Schawk! Our expertise ranges from color management to developing workflow solutions that include DAM and automation. We implement and support our solutions.

Digital Publishing is our newest division, introduced in 2013. We approach it the same way we approached color management and print, with the determination to find and know the best products that create and build apps, and the knowledge to implement and teach them.

Not sure what product suits you best? Give us a call. We are here to help.

Contact: Erica Aitken erica@rodsandcones.com (831) 421-0131

What we can do for you:

Detailed workflow analysis

  • We interview high and mid-level management to understand the current workflow, what works and what doesn’t
  • We acquire an understanding of your current workflow, your equipment including age, brand, version, and those of your vendors
  • We find out how much your workflow costs


  • Based on our analysis, we develop a set of suggestions that will give you a more streamlined, easier and more cost-effective way of working
  • Our suggestions are coupled with the best technology available
  • We provide a cost estimate for equipment, staffing, space, and consulting fee
  • We develop an ROI


The scope of our solution depends on your wishes. It will range from offering consulting services within your existing environment, to a new way of working that completely changes what you’re currently doing, if that’s warranted. We’ll help you decide the scope of your project.

Solutions include:

  • Soft and remote proofing
  • Good workflow practices using profiled monitors, standardized application settings and appropriate coordination with vendors
  • In-house proofers that produce accurate color proofs and eliminate multiple rounds of color corrections
  • In house production and prepress, including retouching
  • RGB and CMYK workflow solutions
  • Good photography practices
  • Digital workflow, from camera to press, or to large format output
  • Separate solutions for catalog and collateral, large format prints for retail, and internet
  • Staffing and organizational development
  • Press optimization
  • Proof to press using GRACoL G7 method and other standards
  • Print to digital solutions

Teaching and training

We provide informational classes, seminars and hands-on sessions covering:

  • An overview on color management and digital workflows
  • Scenarios for more efficient and cost-effective workflows
  • About RGB workflows
  • About CMYK workflows
  • Regarding the pros and cons of bringing production and prepress in house
  • About the value of proofing

Rods and Cones Capabilities

  • Color management for content creator to press
  • GRACoL7 installations from proofing system to press, using the G7 method
  • We are FIRST-certified consultants for flexo printing
  • Develop standards and verification systems for multi-vendor print buyers
  • Design and implement prepress departments and related workflows in house
  • Recommend and assist in implementing DAM solutions
  • Recommend and implement automation systems
  • Certified Enfocus Switch and PitStop consultants
  • In-depth knowledge of most RIPs
  • Offers a digital publication bundles with software, training, and support

We are creative, intuitive, technical thinkers and doers who build innovative workflow solutions for the graphic and printing industries.

What people are saying

  • “Whenever I need color management answers, I reach for the one tool which will solve all my color management problems: the telephone. I dial Rods and Cones and they lead me out of chaos.”

    Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Inc.

Our client list include


Williams Sonoma


Restoration Hardware

Benefit Cosmetics

AMP Printing