Digital publishing made simple with Rods and Cones

Print & Digital: the perfect couple

In 2013, we proudly introduced a new division at Rods and Cones entirely to facilitate an introduction in the sometimes baffling world of digital publishing.

We chose a solution that does not require development, just what you already use in the graphic and printing industries, InDesign. InDesign is the starting point of interactive content published to tablets and smart phones.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective solution, or one chock full of interactive content, let us know how we can help.

A richly interactive publication

Create a digital publication using the client’s InDesign files and InDesign’s sophisticated interactive tools. We do this with Twixl Publisher, a plug-in for InDesign that will enable interactivity and build and app. Twixl supports iOS, Android, and Kindle.

This is a great solution for print magazine publishers who want to enhance their content with rich media. It requires expert knowledge of InDesign.
Pricing is moderate compared to Adobe DPS and other solutions. Twixl offers yearly subscriptions of different configurations.

Our magazine, Out of Chaos, is created with Twixl Media. To get a good idea of what can be done, visit Out of Chaos website or download Out of Chaos latest issue:

DigPub Option 2 example

Summer/Fall 2016 Issue Cover

Read our winning issue online:

Out of Chaos awarded ‘Best Digital Publication’ at 2017 Maggie Awards!

Maggie Award

The Western Publishing Association is a non profit business association dedicated to the advancement of the media publishing industry in the western US. Every year, the WPA gives recognition to print and digital publishers for outstanding publications or articles, these awards are called the ‘Maggie Awards’. There are over 120 categories honored by this award, ranging from consumer print and digital to trade, monthlies, quarterlies, etc.

We are very proud to announce that Out of Chaos was awarded Best Digital or Tablet Publication/Trade & Consumer 2017! We were also honored to have been nominated for Best Digital Edition or Tablet Article for the Article ‘Life of Blue’, published in our Summer/Fall 2016 issue. This issue was the first to appear as part of the new article-based content management platform and was the only finalist published in this new format.

This honor has fueled our passion and we look forward to returning next year with an even more fun and refined app for Out of Chaos Magazine.

All Out of Chaos web reader issues:

For prices and options, contact:
Erica Aitken
erica@rodsandcones.com (831) 421-0131

Illustration Digital Publishing for Printers

Print to digital: how to get a piece of that pie.

Historically, assuming you can call a span of five years history, printers have not been considered a source for digital publishing. Rather, the meteoric rise of tablets and smart phones, and the adoption of tablets in business, worry printers because digital may one day replace paper and printers. We hear it all the time, print is dead. Of course, that will never be but it is undeniable that print is changing, and we have to change with it.

A natural addition for printers is to offer their clients an interactive version of the piece they just printed. More and more content creators are shopping for resources to create digital and print versions of their work, and they turn to agencies that specialize in publishing content to apps. Why not be that agency? With a ready-made client base and content, what can be more natural?

Digital publishing services

What is involved and how to start

Converting print to digital has the advantage of a complete preliminary design, and is probably already converted to PDF.

You begin with a meeting with your client. They have hired you to take their print content and convert it to an interactive digital version. The type of piece determines whether you’re building a single- or multi-issue app. An annual report, informational brochure, invitation, ads, and other one-time pieces are single-issue apps. They are simpler to manage because they don’t require hosting services. Multi-issue apps like magazines, catalogs, and other publications whose content is regularly refreshed, require the purchase of an app which is basically a container. Every issue is stored in the app. Simpler requests are flipbooks with linked content, URLs and e-mail addresses, or a print to web version.

In addition to standard links like email and URLs, your client may want to spice his content with rich media. We are here to help you get them what they want, from slideshows, audio and video, games, social media, and many other features. Some are done automatically in the Yudu portal, some require gathering elements, like slideshows and movies, and some will require html code.

Nothing’s off the table. Cost is always per page and invoiced only when the page is published.

Give us a call and let’s get you started.

West and East Coasts: contact Erica Aitken
erica@rodsandcones.com  (831) 421-0131

Before you start, rely on us to:

  • Help choose the right solution
  • Give a good understanding of the process
  • Provide comprehensive cost estimate


  • We provide training in the use of the software
  • On how to use InDesign’s interactive tools
  • How to publish to tablets (the long and arduous process of submitting an app to Apple)


  • Graphic services including design, and interactive design, editorial imagery
  • Production of rich media
  • Editing