Meet our team

We are creative, intuitive, technical thinkers and doers who build innovative workflow solutions for the graphic and printing industries.

Co-founder and President

As a production manager and a designer, Erica was mortified that she could never properly explain (bad) colors to her customers. A bit of reading, a talk with Son, and a few seminars convinced her that she would better serve her fellow designers by starting a business that would bring beautiful, predictable and accurate proofs. The rest, since the beginning of Rods and Cones in 1996, is history. She is the publisher and designer of Out of Chaos magazine.


Co-founder - Technical Officer

Son Do co-founded Rods and Cones, Inc., in 1996. He provides technical expertise and insight on color management and its integration into a digital workflow. His years spent in the trenches of color management’s emerging technologies have given him exposure to most color management products, in most industries, including design and advertising, prepress, printing, and digital photography. He is an accredited Adobe instructor and conducts training in Adobe CS5, QuarkXpress and other related applications. He has spoken at Seybold, Photo Plus East, and the GATF Color Conference among others. He holds a BS in Bioengineering from the UC Berkeley and worked as researcher at Genentech, Inc. He is a regular contributor to Out of Chaos magazine.



Laurence graduated in architecture from the ISA Saint-Luc Liège in 1987. She was inspired to bring her composition and project management skills into designing websites after watching Erica work on Rods and Cones very first website back in 1996. Numerous projects later, including Rods and Cones' 10th year anniversary website and first webstore, she's very pleased to be be back on the team.


Out of Chaos, Contributing Writer

Kevin O’Connor is a frequent contributor to Out of Chaos on a variety of subjects. A photographer, author, color management consultant, artist and graphic designer, his varied career informs his insights and tips he shares with our readers. A self-professed "lazy man", he delights in finding and sharing the most efficient ways to work in the brave new digital world. He has spoken for and consulted to Apple, HP, GretagMacbeth, X-Rite, Kinko's, Fujifilm USA, Wacom, Sony and a host of other companies.


Out of Chaos, Multimedia artist

Andrew has been producing unique content for over 6 years through various mediums both digitally and traditionally. His creative background started in photography leading into digital work with Photoshop. From his foundation in image editing he moved into filming and video editing as well adding motion graphics, cutting clips together and eventually 3d work. Now he blends all of these skills from project to project whether it is a simple image edit to a full 3d animation constructed from scratch.


Contact: Erica Aitken erica@rodsandcones.com (831) 421-0131