If you’re doing it over and over again, automate.

About Workflow Integration

Color management used to be all that we did and we did it well. We still do, but in a different way. Today, if colors don’t match, the problem is usually larger than expected. It might be because of inconsistent application settings, or an unsuitable printer, or a workflow that’s tackled from the wrong end. Color is often a symptom and color management a piece of the whole solution.

Over the years, there has been a strong push toward automating tasks to save time and to complete jobs within competitive deadlines and cost. We have developed a strong partnership with Enfocus, the creators of PitStop Pro, Switch, and Connect. They offer solutions at affordable prices and whose versatility is virtually unlimited. Read more about Enfocus here. To find out how far you can go with Switch, read our case study here .

If expertise could be piled up high, we would be standing in front of our own high mountain. Visit our site. You will find information about workflow solutions, color management, RIPs, printing, hardware and software. Our team is ready to answer your questions so please, don’t hesitate to call (831) 421-0131 or email info@rodsandcones.com

How does color management impact your workflow?

You might be in an environment where color is important but there’s no way to predict it. You tweak your monitor, like what you see, print. The print is predictably not like your monitor so you tweak your monitor again until the print looks like what you had to start with. You’ve spent a lot of time doing that and you still don’t have anything you can count on. What you have is one print to show for approval. Reproducing this same print for the next step is a bridge you’ll cross when you get there.

Here’s another scenario: You know you used an image in a catalog a few years ago. But you don’t know exactly when. It takes you a long time to find it and, when you do, the image is already converted to CMYK for a paper and a press that you no longer use.

These are typical workflow issues, productivity busters, frustrating beyond belief… and very expensive. But also easy to fix.

Rods and Cones, Inc. Experts in workflow integration

Our technicians are experienced and skilled in all aspects of a color managed workflow. We can recommend suitable hardware and software to meet your needs, install customized solutions, and train you to make the best use of it. Rods and Cones experts can advise you on the best RIP for your work, how to manage your media assets, and the merits of different camera backs. Please call us to discuss your specific workflow configuration and needs.

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