About GRACoL7

1. What is the difference between GRACoL, GRACoL7, and G7?

  • GRACoL is a set of specifications for commercial printing developed by the GRACoL committee, a member of IDEAlliance
  • GRACoL7 is the latest version of these guidelines
  • And G7 is the methodology used to meet these specifications

2. What is a traditional press standard based on?

  • SID (Solid Ink Density)
  • TVI (Tone Value Increase or Dot Gain)
  • Wet ink trap
  • Print Contrast

6. Why is it better to use colorimetry than density?

  • Because colorimetry considers color and color balance rather than the weight of ink on paper
  • And because it gives the ability to define the appearance of color and to monitor color change

7. What is a Neutral Print Density Curve (NPDC)?

  • NPDC is a target curve defined along the entire tonal range. GRACoL7 defines a specific NPDC curve that allows the press to run to its natural tendencies, using plate compensation curves to correct for unwanted behavior.
  • It uses the entire tonal range not just the traditional TVI 25%, 50%, and 75% values, giving you the entire shape of a curve, from highlight to shadow

8. How is Highlight Range (HR) used for process control?

  • As a quick check to visually compare a 50/40/40 CMY patch to a 50K patch
  • As an additional checkpoint, to check gray balance in the 50/40/40 CMY patch
  • And to monitor the TVI of the press run

9. What are the benefits of the G7 method? They are:

  • Faster make-readies because the press operator can quickly determine the ink balance on the sheet using neutral and black patches
  • Better control on press because G7 uses colorimetry
  • Gray-balanced plate curves improves the press’ ability to print neutral through the whole tonal range

10. Am I a good candidate to switch to G7?

  • Yes, if your color make-ready is taking longer than you’d like
  • And if you want to spend less time measuring press sheets
  • Also if your customers complain about the quality and the consistency of your color
  • Or if you need to match color appearance across multiple presses or press types.

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