Get to Rich Black Fast with Enfocus Switch | Jason's Tech Tips

By Jason Tempestini

June 4, 2024

Let's do a quick workflow to look out for elements in a job that are a hundred percent of all four colors and replacing them with just a simple rich black. In this example I've created just a sample file and this one as you can see from the output preview is a hundred percent of all four colors. This square is a hundred percent of black only and this square is a semi-proper rich black with forty percent cyan.

So what we've done here is we're using Pitstop Server. I've created an action list called proper rich black. Every action list starts with select all but then we're going to select the fill color from device CMYK a hundred percent of all four colors and change that to a rich black and select the stroke color same deal a hundred percent of all four colors and change that to a rich black.

Now here we already have this action list selected so we'll save this and activate the flow. Go here into our jobs. Here's that rich black test. Drop it in my front end. It's going to process through the Pitstop action list. We'll see what we get out the other side. This is the processed file.

You can see now the hundred percent CMYK has been changed to 60, 40, 30, 100 but the hundred K was left alone and the 4100 K were left alone and of course just the cyan and magenta patches were left alone as well. Just that simple one quick workflow, lots of simple fixes.

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